“Through machinery, man can exert tremendous powers almost as fantastic as if he were the hero of a fairy tale”. This famous quote from Maria Montessori suggests that machinery, when acquired can do great things to a farmer.

According Trading economics, Kenya’s GDP from Agriculture increased to 308916 Million KES in the first quarter of 2018 from 186505 Million KES in the fourth quarter of 2017. This shows that Agriculture plays a key role in the country’s economy. The increase has been attributed to technology and acquisition of farm equipment. Just like the agrarian countries, contribution from agriculture is highly linked with better performance that comes with machinery.

Time– First and foremost, machineries including tractors save on time and other resources. The process of leasing farm machinery has also proved to be time consuming. It entails sourcing for suppliers of equipment, creating and signing a leasing contract agreement. The process can get even longer when the supplier has long queues of customers and the farmer must wait. In Kenya, many rural homes face this challenge considering in the villages a few people own tractors and the farming season is universal so it reaches a point of time where there is high demand for the few available machineries. Those who own machines however, enjoy the benefit of doing everything in good time, from tilling to harvesting.

Cost reduction– For farming to be profitable one needs to insist on reduction of costs in the whole life cycle of production, whether crop or livestock.  When owning a machinery, the only costs to be incurred will be fuel or energy and servicing costs. Leasing carries higher costs in the long run.

Efficiency– In addition to time and money, owing farm machinery is more essential due to the efficiency that it comes with. Imagine owning a milking machine that replaces hand milking. This will mean being able to manage a larger herd of cows while ensuring quality is maintained. This will also mean that less labour will be invested in, and this will reduce dependency of the farm on hand labour

Flexibility-There is a lot of flexibility that comes with owning a farm machinery. This is because there are no restrictions on when and how to use it. While leasing from a supplier it would mean having to work within the contract agreement. This will mean restrictions in terms on mileage and duration for use. The major drawback that comes with this is under exploitation of resources.

Quality-Machines when compared to labour have also proved to yield a better quality.  The current technology has provided for an avenue where farmers are able to harvest and process produce on a real-time basis. This means that even packaging can even be done on the same day. When it comes to dairy farming, the use of harvesters, tractors and milling machines for example, cow food can be harvested milled and fed to the cows through a combined effort of coordination of the machines. What more could a farmer ask for except for a milking machine which obviously is part of the dairy farming machinery package.

To enjoy the benefit of owning machines, a farmer needs to make a wise decision when it comes to where to purchase the machine. Here at Chunic ltd, we bring the best to Africa. There are many players in the market but it is important to go for something that is durable and its performance is excellent. We have been sourcing for years and our customers can testify on that. We ship for affordable machinery while ensuring that we do not compromise on quality.